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singles i've had over the years


released December 18, 2012



all rights reserved


lentils and dirt / skylark Boston, Massachusetts

one kid, a guitar, nomadic feet.

less human, more being.

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Track Name: empty threats (2012)
the holes in these notes have since been boarded up
i’ve made enough mistakes to call it rough
my name is becoming something i’ve learned to forget
and when i said i’d leave, it was an empty threat.
if i follow the moon, i’ll learn i’ve done this wrong
there’s no expression left in any car radio song
kicked around the thought of us and the thought of regret
and i have had enough of these empty threats.
but love grabs horns and shakes us to the core
just enough momentum to start up from a rest
possibly the most beautiful words
mixed in with all of these empty threats.
my name is something i’m learning to forget,
and when i said i’d leave, it was an empty threat.
Track Name: nosebleeds (2011)
‘it’s as if every single word goes in one ear and out the other
we are deer in the headlights, we are creatures of landslides
and little did we know that they set this all up,
this is one big set up,
take down the curtain and live your life, gdamnit
because there’s nothing like trying to be something you cannot be
and i was never interested in being anyway;
i am not your messiah, hell, i’m no your noah
you can have my boat and i’ll swim for you.
you never listen, you are never listening
you never speak and i never say,
which one of us will figure out that this is the perfect way to exist-
in perfect silence,
in solitude, in the backseat of my brothers blue pick up truck while he speeds down the highway and i’m quite sure i will die soon.
and i will welcome it with open arms.’
Track Name: rust
we weren’t escaping
i was quite vacant
this motel is closed now
it’s time to pack our clothes now

the winter crawl, the slow down

the picking up and quiet sound

winters dust caught up to us

covered us in rust, oh it covered us in rust

take my love and bring her back to me

take my love and bring her back to me

take my love and giver her to the sea

take her to the sea, bring her home to me